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Our Alternative to The Death Valley Hotel

Are you planning a trip to Death Valley National Park and looking for a unique accommodation option? Look no further than The Bottling Room at Tarantula Ranch. Nestled in the heart of Nevada's Mojave Desert, this charming vacation rental is a perfect alternative to traditional hotels.

Death Valley Hotels


Privacy is a top priority at The Bottling Room. Located on a family vineyard, you'll have plenty of space to relax and unwind without any interruptions. Unlike a hotel, you won't have to worry about noisy neighbors or crowded hallways. Instead, you'll enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay surrounded by breathtaking desert views.

Death Valley Hotel Room

Desert Views

The Bottling Room at Tarantula Ranch offers unparalleled views of the Mojave Desert. Wake up to stunning sunrises and watch as the sun sets over the rugged landscape and Funeral Mountains. The property is surrounded by miles of untouched desert terrain, giving you a true sense of the vastness of this unique ecosystem.

View of the Mojave Desert from Tarantula Ranch Hotel

Vineyard Views

In addition to desert views, The Bottling Room also overlooks a small vineyard. Take a stroll through the vines and admire the grapes as they ripen in the warm Nevada sun. The vineyard is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the stunning scenery.

Bed and Breakfast in Death Valley


One of the best features of The Bottling Room is the kitchenette. You'll have everything you need to prepare meals during your stay, including a refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and hot plate. With a fully stocked kitchenette, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal while taking in the desert views.

Death Valley Hotel Room with Kitchen


For those who enjoy grilling, The Bottling Room has a gas BBQ on the patio. Grill up some burgers, steaks, or vegetables while enjoying the warm desert breeze. There's no better way to end a day of hiking or exploring than with a delicious BBQ dinner.

The Bottling Room at Tarantula Ranch is an excellent alternative to traditional hotels when visiting Death Valley National Park. With privacy, desert views, vineyard views, a kitchenette with BBQ, you'll have everything you need for a comfortable and memorable stay. Book your stay at The Bottling Room and experience the beauty of the Mojave Desert for yourself.

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